Health Engagement Teams


Health Engagement Teams change lives.

BHPI has developed Health Engagement Teams as a means of facilitating better-integrated healthcare between behavioral and physical health professionals. HETs are interdisciplinary groups made up of behavioral health professionals, physical health professionals, and Community Health Advocates (CHAs). HETs serve as the central point for coordinating, collaborating, and ensuring communications among all relevant parties engaged in the delivery of a consumer’s care. HETs work together to surround a consumer at all levels, taking into account the impact of social determinants and working with the continuum of patients from under-utilizers to super-utilizers. HETs work to identify and fill the gaps in care and treatment left by a fragmented healthcare system.
How HETs work:
Behavioral & physical health providers meet weekly. And all stakeholders can actively
discuss consumer and develop strategies designed to improve outcomes.
Prior to meetings/calls, the following information is shared:
• Health screening findings
• Social determinants
• Referrals/linkages (needs identified & team will determine who will take the lead)
• Concerns
• Tx plans
• Goals

We have developed systems and processes to be used as the HET model expands across the state.